Movie Redo-view with Dr. Oblivion: The Creator

The creator was a thought-provoking movie that explores the hubris of humanity and the potential consequences of playing with nature. We witness a scientist’s ethical boundaries dissolve in trying to bring life to lifeless beings. Hollywood is dramatic and likes to portray AI as a power-hungry force trying to dominate and destroy humanity while real… Continue reading Movie Redo-view with Dr. Oblivion: The Creator

The Revengeful Don

My character, Dante Marispucci, is a Sicilian born male who witnessed his father’s murder at the age nine in America when his father was at the peak of his business empire. Since then, he has known no other purpose in life but to avenge his father. Until then he knows nothing else, focuses on nothing… Continue reading The Revengeful Don

Weekly Summary

I enjoyed this week setting everything up. Absolutely everything was 100% new to me so it was a bit of a challenge and I had to visit the Digital Knowledge Center to set most of it up. Navigating WordPress was probably the most challenging for me to get a hold on, but I’ve got a… Continue reading Weekly Summary

Film Review: The Creator

For this assignment I revisited a film that came out last year in 2023 that was personally one of my favorites of the year. It stars John David Washington, Denzel Washington’s son, who is a soldier in the future after artificial intelligence has detonated a nuclear bomb in the US. Since then, people have betrayed… Continue reading Film Review: The Creator