Clueless Captain Felix

On the Valentines Day daily create we were to create a story or reason to why mister Captain Felix here was so happy or what his expression means. To me he looks happy because he is clueless to everything going on around him and he is at peace because he is getting ready to fly.… Continue reading Clueless Captain Felix


I would say I’m somewhat on track with my goals. I haven’t been as disciplined as I would have liked so far in this class, but my goals of learning my way around the technology, learning to be more competent with it and having some fun whilst doing so has been accomplished to a decent… Continue reading #Goals2

Weekly Summary #4

This was a pretty busy week getting to understand the audio stuff. By this time in the semester, I think we all can really feel the work starting to pile up. I like to start in number order usually with the assignments so got going with messing around with Audacity and put some on my… Continue reading Weekly Summary #4

Daily Create

I’m a big procrastinator and its showing in the work for this course sometimes, mainly in these daily creates that I keep forgetting to briefly log on and do because they’re so small I keep forgetting and pushing them off. This week I only got to today’s Mutsuacen one which was super fun to mess… Continue reading Daily Create


I’m pretty easy to work with so I’d do a radio show with anyone on just about anything (especially since I’m not very competent in technology), but some ideas I’d be really interested in would be talking sports or music, ranking sports or music, talking about art, a gym radio show, or like a life… Continue reading RadioShowIdeas

“Moon Graffiti”: Sounds and their ability to help us create mental schemas

Moon Graffiti was absolutely insane to me. It was intense and it had me locked in listening the entire time. The reason for that: the sound production. Their ability to maneuver and transition the sound helped me feel like I was there because there are no images, whereas images presented with sound do the opposite,… Continue reading “Moon Graffiti”: Sounds and their ability to help us create mental schemas