Weekly Summary 10

This week was pretty chill other than radio show work and I really needed that. My schedule is pretty busy so finding time to get my part done was difficult, but I did it. Unfortunately, I was last to get my part in, but it is what it is. The daily creates were chill too,… Continue reading Weekly Summary 10

Daily Create Week 10

For this create we were shown the man, the myth, the legend DAVE. We were supposed to show the intensity of him in a photo, but I wanted to show it in a few words. Dave, looking intense as if he is going to a rave. Dave, showing a look his friends will remember at… Continue reading Daily Create Week 10

Daily Create Week 10

Today we had to ruin a book by changing one word in it. I immediately thought of changing the “o” in The Hobbit to Habbit. Making it a weird twist in the series that every one of the characters has an addiction to something and that’s how they come across each other. It’s a bit… Continue reading Daily Create Week 10

Weekly Summary 9

This was a pretty busy week for me, and I got a lot done. We got rolling on the group assignments and worked to navigate some communications and basic groundings for our work. I don’t have much to say other than that. Check out my work embedded below!

Audio Assignments Week 9

My first audio assignment was just to make a bumper for my show and I had Dr. Oblivion help me out. Check it out below! My second audio assignment was one i created and had an intro made which you can listen to below as well.

Dail Create Week 9 #3

For this daily create we had to create a new version of any kind of cycle. I decided to use an image generator to create a bicycle with a flying option in case there is traffic, one can just fly where they need to go. Check out what it gave me below:

Daily Create #2 Week 9

Today the daily create was to fantasize about a prompt that was posted on twitter. It read: “A witch smokes a cigarette in a city. She is thinking about the letter “C”. There is a hobbit standing right behind her.” Very interesting to me and made no sense but I had to make it make… Continue reading Daily Create #2 Week 9