Final Project Brainstorming

The final was hard for me to decide on what to do for a few reasons. First is mainly my ability and competency with technology in the way of creation. This has definitely been one of the more difficult classes for me, just as when I attempted to take computer science 101 (which I ended up dropping lol). Second would be time, I am a senior and, in my case, work has piled up instead of decreased, and that’s just school. Third would just be because I have a lot of ideas I want to do. But I decided to just start one so I would feel like I had some direction and wasn’t tossed up trying to figure out what the hell to do. Therefore, to make the best decision out if those three reasons I listed, I am leaning on choosing to do an extension of what I spoke about in the radio show with Iron Man and Ultron. I think I want to make a commercial about the threats of AI takeover with Robert Downey Jr and some sort of deepfake to show some fear that because of AI we may never be able to trust what we see on technology screens ever again. I see the potential in it, I just hope I can bring it to life, like they did Ultron.

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