Movie Redo-view with Dr. Oblivion: The Creator

The creator was a thought-provoking movie that explores the hubris of humanity and the potential consequences of playing with nature. We witness a scientist’s ethical boundaries dissolve in trying to bring life to lifeless beings. Hollywood is dramatic and likes to portray AI as a power-hungry force trying to dominate and destroy humanity while real AI is a tool that can be used for good, but it also depends on how we choose to use it. Reviewing The Creator is a great exercise in understanding how far we can take AI to its worse, but right now it is almost harmless. Dr. Oblivion and I kept agreeing on the importance of human connection that absolutely cannot be lost because traits like empathy are only developed through real human connections. AI is a fantastic tool for learning, but I think after watching The Creator and seeing AI children, we can see that in children development of humans there needs to be real connection and real experiences, not with technology.

In my original review I also went over some religious parallels in the movie that couldn’t go without addressing but Dr. Oblivion didn’t care to comment on them as it was not his expertise.

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