Radio Show almost there!

I was the last one to submit my part of the show and man did I have trouble. I’ve said before I’m not very tech savvy and this was hard because I didn’t have time to go to the DKC for help. My part was mediocre compared to my groups, but I contributed in the best way I could by talking about a different movie than most and I did a small commercial on an AI product. My group was very nice and supportive to me the whole week and all very easy to work with. They all knew what they were doing. It was a fun experience to mess around on my phone and computer and write scripts for stuff. People running a podcast and radio show definitely deserve the love they get from fans because it’s a lot of work. It was a fun experience and I look forward to the upcoming weeks. Just want to put a public thank you to my group here as they have really good parts in the show and did really well. Peace!

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