Techno Optimist vs. The Creator

I really enjoyed the Techno-Optimist point of view, but it was clearly very bias to me. Technology is invention, and invention is part of evolution in order to grow and adapt. Part of those consequences have been the loss of jobs, the corruption of children due to sticking an iPad in their face, and at times polluting the environment. Those are not lies, just like it’s not lies that technology has given us all that we utilize to make life easier and better. I view it as simply the tradeoff of growth, therefore it must be monitored (“it” being technology). The advance of technology must not be held in the hands of technology, but in ours. In comparing it to the movie I reviewed, The Creator, the balance of the two views can be seen. As ai in the movie is the thing that destroyed the world, can also be the one that can save it. Dr. Oblivion very much agreed with me as well. His main point was that humans must do two things: stay educated so we do not lose control of the ai technology and also stay connected to each other. Dr. oblivion advised that we weigh the potential consequences of advancing technology before we use it and I couldn’t agree more.

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