The Art of Cover Design

In listening to these experts explain their processes in designing covers and posters, I was constantly thinking about schemas and archetypes. I’m a psychology major so everything I see is processed a manner of behavior to me. When listening to the movie poster designer I was thinking about the psychology of colors, laws of attraction, attention seekers, etc. The covers and posters of these pieces of entertainment, which are art themselves, have to be a correct depiction of what it contains, but also yank attention and potential viewing. If you can portray symbols that have common meaning to people they will come, but also you can follow strategies like depicting taboo topics or risky vulnerabilities. And if all that fails you can just put pictures of beautiful women half naked, and men will go and see it (a sad truth lol.) Nonetheless, that still is a symbol that attracts humans. This art may be visual, but it ultimately must attract behavior by depicting the summary of the contents within the book or movie or whatever piece of entertainment and that is why it is so important.

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