Week 2: Can’t Accomplish Without Purpose

I am an honest person so I will easily admit that I had a hard time this week in this class. I started off the week sick and didn’t check ds106’s home page until Wednesday so I missed the all the daily creates up to then and didn’t see the point in doing the others. Then on Thursday I had my call with Bond and Groom and really saw the vision and purpose for this course. I wasn’t expecting anything and had no clue what to expect but they gave me a real vision and purpose behind each assignment, which I really appreciated. I then got excited to complete assignments this week. I attempted the assignment bank, but I really am not good at this stuff so learned that I am going to head to the DKC for help for that. I had fun creating my character, commenting on some posts about other’s characters, and talking a lot with Dr. Oblivion. He made me feel intelligently inferior very fast. I redid my movie review with him, and it felt better than my last one for sure. It was a hard week for me, but I don’t see it getting worse from here on out for me in this course now that I understand the main goals of this course.

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