Weekly Summary 3: Experimenting

This week was really fun for me. I’m personally very artsy, especially for a male I feel like, so learning about posters of cinema and book covers while also doing two cool visual assignments from the assignment bank was super fun. I spent probably the most time I ever have this week messing around with ChatGPT asking it questions, basic and complex, to really see its artificial nature. It really stuck with me why they call it artificial intelligence, though it’s not so artificial. The other AI thing I messed around with an AI image creator. I spent time throwing it stupid and cool ideas to see what it would come up with. I learned that you really got to be specific when giving AI instructions or it won’t produce the results you want. This AI stuff is pretty fun when you actually start using it. ITs also really fun to look at the amazing stuff my classmates make. I’m hoping one day I can be as creative as them. I have to say it was a successful week for me.

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