Weekly Summary #4

This was a pretty busy week getting to understand the audio stuff. By this time in the semester, I think we all can really feel the work starting to pile up. I like to start in number order usually with the assignments so got going with messing around with Audacity and put some on my personal SoundCloud account I already have had since middle school. I then went into the art of this audio making by watching the videos and listening to Moon Graffiti which was absolutely amazing. After that I figured I try making something myself and worked with Dr. Oblivion on that and also just googled around for sites on where and how to do that kind of stuff which will be cool to work on later on in the semester.

The ds106 radio wasn’t working for me (which was probably something on my part), but I went back with the help of Professor Bond and listened to the one on the Barnhouse effect which was super interesting. Then I worked on my sound bumper story which I kept basic and did brushing my teeth and using the bathroom in the morning. It was pretty difficult. I then commented on someone’s post about their radio show ideas and brainstormed some of my own in a blog post. After that I worked on 3 audio assignments which I actually didn’t see to include my character in which I wish I would’ve seen I think I would’ve done way better and cooler assignments. I then worked on the daily create for today and double checked everything and read quickly over next week. I’ll definitely start next week earlier and am excited for it.

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