Weekly Summary

I enjoyed this week setting everything up. Absolutely everything was 100% new to me so it was a bit of a challenge and I had to visit the Digital Knowledge Center to set most of it up. Navigating WordPress was probably the most challenging for me to get a hold on, but I’ve got a decent grip on it now after a couple days. I learned how to create a domain, subdomain, and make new posts and pages on WordPress. The easy part of this week for me was being able to watch a movie for schoolwork. This past year I really fell in love with cinema and having this be the first assignment made me look forward to actually having fun doing schoolwork, which is rare. I truly wish all teachers would do more like that. I also enjoyed getting to mess around with WordPress. My posts will surely start off basic but I’m looking forward to advancing my posts as the weeks go on. Nonetheless, I’m not very technological as I’m off social media and stay off my phone as much as I can so setting up this stuff was a burden, but the reward seems like it will be worth it.

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