Final Project, it’s Process, and Weekly Summary

I just finished my final project and turned it in and realized I forgot to do an update post. I was honestly so busy this week with finals I forgot. For some reason this semester all my teachers want to do finals this week instead of next. I’m not super opposed to it, but just didn’t expect it. But anyway, back to my project. I can say I’m proud of what I made and the effort. I have never done anything this digital intensive and was a complete novice. I couldn’t really figure out the deepfake thing and didn’t want to pay for a bunch of AI stuff to do it so I came up with another idea to do a news bit that turns out to be AI the whole time and the country is under attack. I feel like that represents how me and a lot of others feel about the potentials of AI as a whole.

It first started with what sites and programs I wanted to use. I went with Canva, something called Murf for the AI voice, and I used an audio recorder on my phone for the end part. I first wrote the script myself and timed it accordingly, I didn’t want to make it super long and I wanted to make it realistic. I took the audio from MurfAI that spit out my script and then added the visuals over it to align with what was being talked about so people could recruit more than one sense of hearing. The point was for the audience to imagine a world where the country is divided on this issue and the government is preaching to trust them, but not all do. Then what everyone’s fears the worst happens and its not a joke. I tried to make it like an opening scene movie thing. It is obviously not but the potential for it is there in terms of the story line. The work for it started this week on Wednesday with the general idea and then that night i started a file for it and started the script then today I worked on it in increments until its completion. That’s pretty much how my week went for this class.

My final project represents pretty much everything I learned how to do this semester this class and I started with no interest and even less knowledge or competency. I learned how to figure out how to do something when I don’t know how to it. I learned how to do general audio things and visual creation. I learned how digital visuals and auditors can appeal to people just how physical, concrete things do and that has power. I learned to appreciate digital storytelling and creation as an art form and now can see the genius in it in YouTube videos all the way to box office movies. I hope to improve in the future! Below is my creation (my work for the week) if you guys want to check it out! Try the link or see if the video works, either should be good.

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