The Revengeful Don

My character, Dante Marispucci, is a Sicilian born male who witnessed his father’s murder at the age nine in America when his father was at the peak of his business empire. Since then, he has known no other purpose in life but to avenge his father. Until then he knows nothing else, focuses on nothing else, and doesn’t care about anything else. He is quiet and paranoid to threats as he doesn’t want to suffer the same fate as his father. He is detailed in speech, impression, and character. He is a leader and is the one people are dependent on, as he has been since tragedy struck many years ago. Now grown up and in the head position, Dante no longer has to be discipline to his patience and can finally begin his process of faithful revenge, which to him is an act of love to his father. He has many plans for this, but his enemies have been expecting this for years, but he expected them to expect because that’s just who Dante is.

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