The Best of ds106

Pretty easy and straightforward week this week! This semester went by fast for me since it was pretty busy. I enjoyed this class and working with some of you. All I did this week was our one video assignment. Check out below what I thought was good about this course:

Weekly Summary 11

Pretty chill week overall in this class but this was probably my busiest school week yet of the semester. I was finishing up research with my psych research team and doing data analyses on our numbers. I also had exams to study for and take and had some other personal things to do. The daily… Continue reading Weekly Summary 11

Video Plan

I found the directions of the upcoming project kind of dull, but I also like the free room to roam and brainstorm. I understand fundamentally what we have to do but it’s been kind hard for me to think of ideas. I kind of want to try a deepfake video or like a movie edit.… Continue reading Video Plan

Daily Create #3 Week 11

Today’s daily create was to search engine or AI “ds106” and see what would come up. I used FireFox and found some weird stuff. I saw DS-160 Immigration papers which was funny. I then went to images and saw “a history of ds106” cover and kept seeing the clock shown below: I saw dry food… Continue reading Daily Create #3 Week 11

Daily Create #2 Week 11

This daily create is one of my favorites; I enjoyed reading other responses. The prompt was to tell what made us smile today, and honestly, nothing did for me today. To be vulnerable I felt lonely today, and as of lately. But reading that other people smiled and thinking of other people smiling made me… Continue reading Daily Create #2 Week 11

Daily Create #1 Week 11

This daily create was pretty fun thinking of ideas actually. For today we had to think of what kind of flag we would be. I was thinking of some kind of gym flag, mixing something into the American flag, or doing the American flag with Italian colors. Butttttt I was really hungry at the time… Continue reading Daily Create #1 Week 11