The Best of ds106

Pretty easy and straightforward week this week! This semester went by fast for me since it was pretty busy. I enjoyed this class and working with some of you. All I did this week was our one video assignment. Check out below what I thought was good about this course:

Weekly Summary 11

Pretty chill week overall in this class but this was probably my busiest school week yet of the semester. I was finishing up research with my psych research team and doing data analyses on our numbers. I also had exams to study for and take and had some other personal things to do. The daily… Continue reading Weekly Summary 11

Weekly Summary 10

This week was pretty chill other than radio show work and I really needed that. My schedule is pretty busy so finding time to get my part done was difficult, but I did it. Unfortunately, I was last to get my part in, but it is what it is. The daily creates were chill too,… Continue reading Weekly Summary 10

Weekly Summary 9

This was a pretty busy week for me, and I got a lot done. We got rolling on the group assignments and worked to navigate some communications and basic groundings for our work. I don’t have much to say other than that. Check out my work embedded below!

Week 8 Summary

This week started with me joining my group for the upcoming audio assignments Im excited about. My group has a good theme and I think it will create an open podcast type vibe. It was alos nice reading and writing on other peoples ideas for their shows. From there I made and posted my daily… Continue reading Week 8 Summary

Weekly Summary #4

This was a pretty busy week getting to understand the audio stuff. By this time in the semester, I think we all can really feel the work starting to pile up. I like to start in number order usually with the assignments so got going with messing around with Audacity and put some on my… Continue reading Weekly Summary #4

Weekly Summary

I enjoyed this week setting everything up. Absolutely everything was 100% new to me so it was a bit of a challenge and I had to visit the Digital Knowledge Center to set most of it up. Navigating WordPress was probably the most challenging for me to get a hold on, but I’ve got a… Continue reading Weekly Summary