Week 8 Summary

This week started with me joining my group for the upcoming audio assignments Im excited about. My group has a good theme and I think it will create an open podcast type vibe. It was alos nice reading and writing on other peoples ideas for their shows. From there I made and posted my daily creates and enjoyed messing around with different AI’s for those. Those three will be linked below. Then I did the AI sales pitch assignment in which I pitched the idea of screw together skis which was a funny episode from Curb Your Enthusiam. In the show Larry David gets backlash for it and it was called a dumb idea but ChatGPT didnt think so, they liked it and thought it was innovative. It was a short week but it felt better to be back. The past weeks I was undisciplined as I got busy doing research for my psychology research team. It was a goal I had not to do that but I did and just have to move on and not do it again. Im looking forward to these upcoming weeks, though! All my work is linked below!

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