Daily Create #2 Week 9

Today the daily create was to fantasize about a prompt that was posted on twitter. It read: “A witch smokes a cigarette in a city. She is thinking about the letter “C”. There is a hobbit standing right behind her.”

Very interesting to me and made no sense but I had to make it make sense. Here it goes: The hobbit remained unseen due to its height and tapped the witched, focused on her cigarette, on the leg and scared on kneecap like the doctor does to test your reflexes. Paranoid as the witch always is, she jumped up and yelled “Christ!” Swung around and dropped the burning cigarette in the hobbits eye. The hobbit yelled and screamed and cursed. The witch looked around and saw nobody, so she grabbed her broom and flew away to hopefully turn up free like OJ Simpson, though equally guilty.

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